book covers that sell


Melinda Van Lone, Designer - Book Cover CornerHi! I’m Melinda VanLone, and I’m an author and graphic designer. I’m an Adobe Certified Expert, and have a Master’s degree in publishing. I spent years in the publishing industry living the day-to-day reality of designing, marketing and production for projects that reached millions. Now I use that experience to help authors reach the next level of publishing success.

Great design isn’t just pretty art. Your book cover is most likely never going to hang in a museum. It’s commercial art, and it has a job to do. Get someone to CLICK THAT LINK. More than a pretty picture, it must communicate accurately the kind of story hidden within. It makes a promise to the reader. If it leaves the reader confused, or worse, lies to them, then it could be a masterpiece of artwork and still be a sloppy, useless cover. It’s not just having a great looking image, it’s have the RIGHT great looking image, that counts.

Here at Book Cover Corner, design starts with research. I read your story so I know exactly what audience will react the best, then I do market research to fine tune exactly what will attract those specific readers and entice them to click.

Anybody can slap some images and type into Photoshop and charge you money for “design.” You need more than that. You need a marketing piece that will generate clicks and sales. I can help you with that.